Discover local cheeses and regional dishes: tartiflette, diots, crozets …
and our Savoyard evening with the famous fondue!

The majority of dishes are prepared on the spot, with the greatest care, by the chef and his team.

At breakfast, indulge in freshly squeezed oranges, jams, honey and an assortment of breads and pastries every day.

At each meal, a cheese platter well stocked for you to discover the local specialties, generous buffets of starters and desserts, a choice of hot dishes at noon and in the evening, a service to the plate.

French fries or evening pastas are available if you prefer.
Children are entitled to their reserved menu, specially designed to please them.
The wine (to consume with moderation) is self-service and the sparkling water. The midday coffee is offered at the bar.

Enjoy the oyster aperitif on the terrace and the return of the ski with mulled wine! See our video.